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Acting Bio

Glenda Philipchuk,                                Height 5 10"

Empire Talent Inc.                                  Weight 165 lbs

Calgary, AB, Canada                            Hair - light brown

403-301-0085                                           Eyes - blue  

ACTRA 09-00022





Holiday In Handcuffs                            Actor            Holiday Restraint Productions Inc., Ron Underwood

Newcomers: Picariello & Lassandro     Actor             North Shore Productions, Rory Banyard

A Problem With Fear                            Actor            Burns Film Ltd., Gary Burns

The Legend of Butch and Sundance    SSE                Rufus T. Firefly Film Ltd., Sergio Mimica-Gezzan

Stiffed                                                   Principal        Electric Media Pictureworks, Richard Zywotkeiwicz

Rat Race                                              Actor             Paramount, Jerry Zucker

A Trip To Serendipity                              Actor             Marano Productions, Nancy Marano

The Recidivist                                        Actor             Pro Media Group, Oliver Krol

Honey I Shrunk The Kids(#315)               Principal       Disney, Francis Damberger

Albert Ford Dealers(commercial)         SOC              AppleBox Productions, Bob Keats

Calgary Home Expo(commercial        Principal       White Iron Productions, John Lawson

House Of Tools(2 commercials)            Principal       CFAC Television, Judy DeClercq

Visions Electronics(6 commercials)       Principal       CFCN Television, Darlene Reynolds

Comedy at Club 54                             Performer     CH Television, Ben Guyatt



Petro Can                                             Commercial(4)        West 11th Communications

Alberta Wheat Pool Commission         Commercial            West 11th Communications



Professional Stand-up Comic               Performer              Resume available upon request

Comic Relief                                         Performer              Improvisational Comedy Troupe

That Comedy Thing                              Performer               Weekly Comedy Show, Loose Moose Theatre

Loose Moose Theatre Company          Performer               Loose Moose Theatre, Keith Johnstone



Meisner Level 1                                                                   Illuminata Studios, Lori Ravensborg

Scene Study                                                                        Canadian Casting Centres Inc., Valerie Planche

American Dialect                                                               Dial/Act Inc., David LeReaney

Introduction to Auditioning                                               Canadian Casting Centres Inc., Jackie Lind

Intermediate Auditioning                                                   Canadian Casting Centres Inc., Lori Ravensborg

Film & Television Acting                                                      Empire Talent Inc., Terry M. King

Acting For The Camera                                                      The Oakes Group, Bill Hornecker

Mime & Body Language                                                    Mount Royal College, Arete Mime Troupe

Improvisation & Acting                                                      Loose Moose Theatre Company, Keith Johnstone



Professional Stand-up Comic, Improvisation, Stand-in Experience, Photo Double Experience, Ice & Inline Skating, Swimming, Cycling, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Bilingual (English/French)


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